Maddie's first bath...

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Maddie's first bath...

Well, Madelyn spewed all over herself this morning, so I decided she needed a bath! She slept through the entire thing!!! Never had one do that. Wink

She is definitely getting a bloated milk belly!!

Oh nice... baby boy was busy using a glue stick and putting glue ALL OVER his forehead while I was posting this... and he's literally 2 feet away and I didn't realize it. Maybe he needs a bath now too... :doh:

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I love that she slept through it! We haven't given Hudson a "real" bath yet but my other two were kind of spastic during theirs so we'll see how he tolerates it but I'd expect the same. And ROFL to your DS...sounds exactly like something my other DS would do!

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That's so funny. Baths for everyone! Smile

precious pictures Smile

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And while I was cleaning up baby boy, I found that my "middle girls" had done this...

Never a dull moment around here!

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aww so cute

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Great bath pics! We gave M his first one at yesterday morning before his newborn photos. He was surprisingly calm to!

I had to LOL about your son and the glue stick....then when I saw. Maddie in the doll bed....Ha Ha! Never a dull moment indeed!

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Lol! Love the pictures!! Such an eventful day already!!

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That's funny! I was wondering if we were the only ones who haven't given a bath. Maybe tomorrow...

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He had 3 at the hospital--1 when he was born, and 2 from major spit ups..... we havent done one since we have been home...I've wiped him down with just a wet cloth around his neck for spit ups.. BUT I know he needs one soon. His hair is greasy from everyone rubbing it! BUT he has spit up a ton so he is in need...

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Love!! Hailey had her first "bath" at home today. It was just with a wet washcloth because she still has her cord, but she did really well. I love the pic of her in the bed!!

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Very cute! We have done a couple of real baths, and J loves them!