Managing Indigestion

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Managing Indigestion

Anyone have any tips or tricks to manage my tummy? OMG it has been so bad the last couple days. I'm not noticing any's upset before I eat...ok while eating...then sick after I stop eating. On Sunday the morning was terrible. Yesterday, the morning was fine and the evening was terrible.

Am I letting my tummy get too empty?

Am I eating too much?

I just want to scream!!! I'm burping constantly (which spells indigestion to me) and sometimes I think I'm going to throw up when I burp. Could this be late onset of morning sickness at 14 weeks? LOL

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I try to eat something every 2-3 hours just to make sure my tummy isn't empty, or I get sick. I have grapes, yogurt, a granola bar, apple, just something little. If I eat too much I get heart burn, if I eat to little I get heart burn, if I drink too much water, I get heart burn. I have Tums in my purse, coat pocket, desk, car, bedroom.....

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So it isn't just me? LOL. I didn't have indigestion till later with what the heck? I've been trying to eat tums but sometimes they don't even touch it! UGH!

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I get major heartburn, and it just gets worse with every pregnancy. When it starts to get bad (usually around 18-20 weeks) I start taking zantac (150 twice a day), then when that no longer works I take Prevacid, which just barely works to get me through the end of my pregnancy. By the last couple weeks even the Prevacid only takes the edge off... Prilosec works better (and I have taken that during pregnancy) but that is category C instead of B like Prevacid. That being said I've had OBs and midwives that are totally fine with it, and others who seem to think you should stay away. Anyway, all my babies seem healthy so far!!

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My past two pregnanies were so much worse that this one! I would get indigestion starting from alost day one. This time I didn't start out with it, but it is getting worse now. I remember once with DD I ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and I was miserable all day. I didn't eat anything all day and that night I ate pizza and it didn't bother me at all! I ate a lot of Tums, they helped some. But I really don't know what else to tell you, sorry!

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Boo! I get really bad heartburn like Laurie from about the halfway mark, but have never found specific "trigger" foods (my only trigger is being preggo LOL). I do avoid drinking soda when it gets bad. Are you drinking a lot of water when you eat? That can help keep things moving along faster out of your stomach. Yogurt is also SUPER helpful although it might take a few days before you notice a big difference.

Sorry you are suffering Sad I wouldn't think it's m/s hitting you late, more likely just squished guts being irritated.

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i never feel good, i cant say its morning sickness because im not nausea but my stomach as i call just feels sour. I try eating alittle bit here and there but honestly nothing works. i carry a box of tums in my purse as well because at any given time I might need it. the only time the sour feeling goes away is when i eat fast food, uuggh which is not very good but it makes me feel better. I had the most perfect pregnancy with DS minus the heartburn and backache but this time around i just feel absolutely miserable

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I was on ranididinec (cant spell) with Elora from 16 weeks on.