Maternity Pic Sneak Peek

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Maternity Pic Sneak Peek

We had Ethan's newborn photo shoot yesterday and took a look at the maternity pics she did! I don't have all of them because she's going to put them all on a disc for me with the newborn pics too when everything is ready. But here are a few she emailed me!

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Very nice. Can't wait to see all of them.

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Those could not have turned out any better. Fabulous!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

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Those are really pretty!! Can't wait to see the rest!

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Those pics are look great! Smile

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You look beautiful!

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love them! we never managed to get maternity pics done this time Sad wish i had.

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I love the second picture. Can't wait to see more and to see the one of Ethan.