May wasn't my month

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May wasn't my month

So I tested today at 11DPO and got a big old BFN! So bummed looks like the witch will arrive in 2 days. Here to hoping June is our month

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sorry! I hope June is better! Smile

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Fingers crossed for June!

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Good luck!

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Good job!!!!!!!

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Hope June is your month as well! Sucks that May was a was a bust.

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May was a bust for me too. The witch got here today. FXed that June is all of our month!

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Good luck to everyone for a June bundle of joy! Smile

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So we get to have you here, even better!!

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Hello again, may wasnt for me either x

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Thanks ladies, hope June brings us some babydust Smile

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Sorry May didn't work out. But here's some baby dust for June. Biggrin

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