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I think I MAY have felt soemthign last night. could have totally just been my belly being gurglly. but it could have been baby too. I haven't felt much today but I ahvent sat and done nothing either so I may not have noticed? I really want to feel baby soon!

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Oooh, I hope that was what you felt! *fingers crossed* !!!!!!!!!!

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Hope it was baby and becomes very obvious soon!! I'm still waiting, but I was at a friend's tonight and dopplers came up, she had one and let me borrow it!! Found the hb and I feel calmer again! Yay!!!

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YAY Lauren!!!! I'm so happy you have friends in high places. Wink

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Honestly I mostly feel things when I sit and do nothing. Or better when I lie down and put a hand on my belly. If I'm up doing things, it's very rare at this point to feel anything. Take a few minutes to yourself (haha - I know you're having bed time issues) when you are going to sleep to lie down and put a hand on baby and see if the lo will reward you for relaxing Smile

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Hope that was it for you!!

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I hope so!!!!!

I usually feel baby about once a day, just a few wiggles. Most often when I'm in bed at night or morning.

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i think i've felt some stuff this weekend to, but not sure cause its not really kicking, i skipped the flutters/popcorn feeling with DS so i have no idea what it feels like

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I *think* I felt something once yesterday and so far once today....