Maybe she moved a little?

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Maybe she moved a little?

Last week she was in a diving position, feet and hands pointing to my left hip. Today I'm feeling her in my lower ribs right side.

I'm hoping those are feet I feel, but I have no idea

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I have feet at my lower right ribs. The way I can tell is when he/she starts kicking there I hold my hand over the area. The point bits seem to poke out in random spots and sometimes move in dragging motions. Bums and heads don't move like that. Also, when they are pushing out, if you gently push back and they recede, it's probably legs. If it's a bum or head and you push, then the whole baby should move.

I hope, for your sake, that her feet aren't at her face anymore!

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Sounds promising. I hope she did readjust.