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How are those triplets doing?

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Sorry I have not checked in!!! We are building a house and buying a minivan today.

The triplets are doing great! They are all above average in size even for singletons. Bp is great, cervix is long. No bed rest! 30 weeks on Thursday! I am huge!!!! They think I will go 35 to 37 weeks.

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Wow that is amazing! I'm so glad they are doing so well. Congrats on your home and minivan!

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OMG! Way to go mama! 30 weeks with triplet? You're super woman! We might need a belly pic. Biggrin

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That is AWESOME!!! Way to bake those babies!! Smile

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Yay, that is all good news! I'm glad you checked in with us...I've been wondering too. Oh, and another vote from me for a belly pic Wink

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That's amazing news! Congrats on the new home and car! And I vote for a belly pic too!