Merry Christmas Mamas!

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Merry Christmas Mamas!

Hope y'all are having great days with your families!

Things are great here. Gift opening and breakfast here with DD and my mom. DD is going down to nap then we're going to MIL's house for dinner. The best part is it's SNOWING. We NEVER have a white Christmas! SO cool!

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Send us some snow! Merry Christmas!

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It's raining here now and I have a massive headache. K is in bed and I just want to cry. Make the pain go away! Sad

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So sorry Heather, hope it got better quickly :bigarmhug:

Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. We had a Merry Christmas starting with visiting my grandparents over the weeken and then stayed with DH's parents some of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The boys had a great time, got lots of presents and we all enjoyed seeing everyone. We had to travel back yesterday so DH could work this morning but happy to be home now. Hope everyone who did or is traveling has a safe trip. Smile

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Had a great Christmas Day yesterday! (even though our hot water has not been working for 24 hours now!)
Today we are getting ready for my family to arrive! Lots of cleaning to do, and hopefully the hot water gets fixed since DH and I look dreadful! Need showers! And I need to cut DH's hair before he showers.

Happy Boxing Day!