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Sorry I've been Mia. It's. been crazy here. In and out of the er and drs office. Good news is dd1 is cleared for her heart and hips and. Emalyn is over 8 lbs. as u know I cut out dairy but now she's also reacting to meat and soy. She is on alumentin as a supplement but I think I should switch her completely so she's not in pain all the time! Ahhhh o and isn't being a mom so glamorous? Sunday I was emalyns masterpiece. I had vomit in my hair, down my shirt into my underpants even and poop all over my shirt. I got quite the look at the drive thru on the way home from the er.

I hope today will be an at home day so ill try to catch up on here.

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I have the best picture in my head of you covered in puke and poop. Nice. Sorry Em is reacting poorly to so many things; I'd probably switch too if she seems to do well on the formula just to make life easier on both of you. Nothing like mommy guilt if she's in pain all the time Sad

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She could be reacting to gluten too, and gluten is hidden is just about everything!!! I wouldn't blame you if you switched over... sounds like in this case it might be the best option for a pain free baby. Poor thing... Sad Oh, the image of you covered in puke and poo... too funny. Oh, the things we mothers go through sometimes...

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lmao, not to your post, but to 'Mia'

this is how bad my pregnancy/baby brain is....I sat there wondering who was Mia??? lol!!

the other morning I wasn't positive I was wearing clothes.

Anyhow, I'm trying to check in more too. Missed you ladies Smile

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"elleon17" wrote:

lmao, not to your post, but to 'Mia'

this is how bad my pregnancy/baby brain is....I sat there wondering who was Mia??? lol!!

I know I was thinking, "Mia?, Who is Mia?"!

I wondered where you had gone too. I know the feeling of being pooped and vomited on, I looked crazy yesterday!

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Sorry you are having a rough go of it this week. Hopefully you can find out what is causing her allergies, even if you do switch to formula it will be good to know.

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Sorry you are having such a tough time but great results from the doctor!! Hope you have an easier time from here on out!!