midwife appt

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midwife appt

well it went well took my 5 vials of blood and got a flu shot, from my day of period she is counting me 8w1d but until i get an ultrasound i'll wait to change anything which puts me July 1st, she said im to early to hear a heartbeat with the doppler so i didnt get to hear it and Im scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday so i pretty much left with no information. the only good thing is DH will be able to be there to see the heartbeat

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Sounds like a typical first appointment. That's great that you will be getting an ultrasound on MOnday though!!! Smile

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Can't wait for you to hear that wonderful heart beat Monday!!

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Sounds like a good first appt. can't wait to hear the good news on Monday!

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No news is good news. Waiting until Monday isn't too terrible for the ultrasound.

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First appointments can be so ho-hum. Glad you got an u/s scheduled though!!!!

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Glad that all looks good.

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Bummer, for some reason I thought you would have an u/s today. Oh we'll, Monday isn't too far off. I have an u/s Monday too so I'll be hoping and praying for lots of good news all around. Smile

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thank you Lynn, I was a little bummed cause i had called 2 weeks ago and wanted them to schedule it then but the nurse said the midwife did it right in the office so i was expecting one and was a little sad that i didnt get one

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I look forward to hearing how it goes monday! grow baby grow