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What day did your milk come in?

I hope mine comes in soon. Marshall ALWAYS seems to be rooting around. I'm trying to decide if he's a comfort sucker or if he really is not being satisfied with what I've got. I'm not a super fan of the soother/paci so I don't want to rush to it too quickly.

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Asher was born on Wednesday at 9:40 pm and my milk really came in on Saturday afternoon. I could hear him swallowing before that, but I guess it was colostrum. I think it came in faster with DD, but she sucked for hours the night she was born.

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Mine comes in around the night of day 2. Ethan was born Friday morning and it came in Saturday night/Sunday morning. I always have tons of milk and it comes in pretty early too, I think.

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Jonah was born on early Thursday morning and my milk was in by Saturday night. He was definitely more satisfied and suckled less after my milk came in.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I didn't know it took that long to come in. We did formula with DD, but I am determined to breastfeed this one, so it is good to know! I may start a thread for breastfeeding tips...

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Both my boys were born on a Thursday morning and my milk came in Saturday afternoon. Crazy b/c with my first I had to exclusively pump but it was the same timeframe with the second. My second didn't really nurse until about 6 hrs after birth either and didn't pick up frequency right away so maybe if I had one who nursed right away and more often it would be faster. IDK

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Lucas took almost a full week. We ended up giving him small amounts (very small) of formula by dropper on days 5 and 6 because he was starting to get mad! He was latched on nearly constantly and it still took forever.

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I gave birth on Thursday afternoon and by Saturday morning I was starting to get engorged. I'm another one who always has it come in faster than "normal" but it also makes me crazy bad engorged for 2 or 3 days when it comes in. I've always been told 3 days is average.

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They were both born on Sundays, and I think my milk came in on Wednesday, and perhaps Tuesday night this time. He will just want to nurse a ton in the first few days both for comfort and for colostrum. It'll slow down a bit once the milk comes in. Unless he likes to nurse to sleep, then gets woken by poos and burps then wants to nurse to sleep again. Then it doesn't slow down Smile

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The more you let the little guy nurse, the sooner your milk will come in!! Smile Just nurse like crazy, and soon you'll have tons of milk and he will be satisfied. Those first few days are hard, but just push on through. My milk came in right at 48 hours this time. I've had it come in as soon as 24 hours before though (I literally had that one parked on my boob for the entire first 24 hours though!!). Also, something else to keep in mind. Even one week ago I couldn't keep Maddie awake through an entire feeding. She would guzzle for 5 minutes and then was SOUND asleep. Then 15 minutes later she would wake up screaming to eat again - 5 more minutes - sound asleep - 20 minutes later screaming again - fed again. Finally after 3-4 times of that she would actually be full and would be fine for the next 2-3 hours (or even 4 or 5 at night). She just couldn't stay awake long enough to get in a full feeding. She is already doing much better with that. Sometimes she will fall asleep in the middle, but then one more time to top her off and she's good. Most of the time she does get in a full feeding now. So, what a difference a few days or a week can make!

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I think my milk is starting. I definitely noticed more firmness today and gulping. The midwife was just here and she said a lot of what y'all said.

His birth weight was 8lbs 10.5oz and he was down to 8lbs 4oz at discharge yesterday and today he was only 8lbs 2oz! Wow. I guess all the nursing is paying off! He is also having lots of pee/poo and doesn't look jaundice at all. I hope this means I'll lose weight faster this time.

Laurie - what you said about falling asleep is SO true. I offer stroke his face/head or rub hit back to wake him up a little. DD was so small I had to force feed her. They made me strip her to her diaper before nursing so she wouldn't fall asleep. Sad