Mom's with multiple c-sections

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Mom's with multiple c-sections

Are you or have you had trouble recooperating from them? I also had a tubal this time but I wouldn't think that has too much to do with it as all they did was put clamps on the tubes. With DD and DS1 I was feeling normal a week after. Here I am at 11 days and I can't do much walking at all with out being in pain. Bleeding is very minimal, I have one gush 1x a day and that is it. I'm so sick of hurting and being sore. She said that some times subsequent c-section are more painful tha previous but honestly my 2nd was a piece of cake. We went to a 4th of July party and I left in tears cause of the pain and felt like a complete dork crying infront of everybody.....Just wondering if any other mommas had more trouble with theirs and about how long it took before you were pain free.

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Wow, I can't believe you felt that great after 11 days with your previous c-sections. I'm 19 days out from a vbac and I'm still on meds and in a LOT of pain. I don't imagine I'd be in much better shape if I'd had a repeat c-section. There's a reason why they say 6 weeks for recovery. Perhaps you were just really lucky last time?

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I didn't really have any issues like that with my first two, but my third hasn't happened yet. Is it coming from the incision or is it more internal? Are you doing more this time since you have 2 older children, and getting less rest? Is the pain with or without using the prescribed painkillers? Could you be forgetting to take them on time? I really didn't take more than ibuprofen after the first few days with the 2 c/s I had before, but I think I did stay on the ibuprofen pretty regularly.

I think maybe if your docor says all is okay, you should try to get some more rest because your body is trying to tell you something when you have pain. I hope you start to feel better soon! Oh, and be sure you are getting in some good, healthy food and plenty of water.

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The pain is not the incision it self. It is internal, I'm thinking from the stitches inside. I have 2 percocet left and I only take them if the pain is completely unbearable as there are no refills. I set an alarm on my phone for the ibup as I refuse to be late taking it. I'm honestly doing less than I did with the other csections. I learned my lesson with my 2nd one and opened up my incision while trying to do too much. That is what is ticking me off. I'm behaving and it is taking so long to heal.

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I have a friend who just had c/s number five and she has talked about how much harder each one got. This last one was almost too much so she. Is g,as she got her tubal done!

i had a vaginal birth without pain medication six days ago and I am stil Ina lot of pain. I can't walk more than a few minutes without pain and mostly I sit in the recliner. I felt really good the first few days, I guess all the endorphins or whatever, but now I feel like crap. I think it's asking a lot of yourself to feel great 11 days after major surgery, especially wih a repeat cut into the same incision like that. It's going to take longer to heal. And as my MiL so kindly (ha!) reminded me when I said in not bouncing back as quickly this time "remember, each time you give,birth you are older than the time before and it's harder".

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Well, no C-section here, but if could be the tubal!! I have heard things about horrendous recoveries from that before!