more bad news :(

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more bad news :(

So I got a call today from my OB and they had the results from Mondays PAP. I have pre-cancerus cells and have to have a colposcopy done at my next ob visit. I have read its not a big deal but have had them before so have a bad feeling. They also told me im back at day one because of some small light brown spotting, and that i have to be 4 weeks no bleeding before i can travel. No family Christmas for me.

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Well poopy poop! You are just having TERRIBLE luck. Sad I'm really sorry to read all this. Sad

How far away is your family? Any chance they'll come to you this year? *hugs*

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Oh I'm sorry. (((Hugs))) I had precancerous cells on my cervix at one point too. Thankfully, I wasn't pregnant. They did a colposcopy and then they did cryotherapy and LEEP. Can they do much, treatment wise, if the colposcopy shows a bnormal cells too? Sorry about Christmas too. Sad

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oh no sorry to hear that, hopefully they can come down to you instead

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I'm so sorry! When it rains, it pours, eh? Sad I hope you are still able to see your family for Christmas somehow! And yikes to the pre-cancer cells. Even if you've BTDT, still not good for your stress level I'm sure. *hugs*

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Well that just stinks! So sorry to hear this. Hopefully your family can come to visit you.

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Well that just plain sucks!! I'm so sorry Kia. :bighug:

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Sorry about your luck! Can you wait on the colposcopy? I ask because my OB says it's better to wait until after pregnancy because there isn't much they can do anyways while pregnant. Hope things get better!

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Oh my I can't even imagine!

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My mom will come to visit when she can, my dad and sister are coming here for Christmas sometime on a weekend before Christmas. As for the colposcopy she said that they will do the scope and if it is really bad take a biopsy but she wont unless she feels it is completely necessary. I have read more about it and it seems pretty common. Im not too too worried.

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Oh that is awful Sad I am so sorry to hear it!

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I'm sorry Kia Sad You can't catch a break can you? I hope things start getting easier for you soon.

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Sad Sorry for all the bad news.

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thanks everyone for the comments. i am not going to worry about it till i have to. It shouldn't be a big deal.

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From what I've read, pretty much everyone on the planet has "pre-cancerous cells". It's all about how you treat your body, and what you put into it that will help lower your chances of anything happening. As for the bleeding - that sucks. I'm self choosing not to travel since I have so little energy. But I'm sorry you won't get to spend x-mas with your family.