Moved and 36 week appt.

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Moved and 36 week appt.

So seriously glad to have moving behind me. DH was pretty much useless he should have just gone to work that day, we wound up fighting a ton, even my sister yelled at him. My little brother was a life saver, and moved most of the boxes and stuff. Got all the addresses changed and our conceal and carry info updated. Unpacked most everything except the stuff that doesn't have a place to go, or that doesn't actually matter if it is in a box or not, again DH not too helpful. Never again moving while I am pregnant that's for dang sure.

36 week appt today, non-event. BP was at 132/82 so slightly elevated but they didn't say anything about it, pretty sure it is just stress related. They made me fill out some domestic abuse assessment, which I understand, but still makes me uncomfortable when people ask if we have guns in the home on a situation like that, especially since most domestic abuse situations involve knives or baseball bats or the like it just seems like a question that is unnecessary. Wynn was at 139, don't know how big she is measuring but they didn't say anything against it so not worried. Not 100% on why they have to push on my pelvis so hard when they check her growth though. They told me to eat more protein less carbs, hahaha I would if I could lady. Did the strep test, did a chlamydia and gonorrhea urine test as they said the results weren't in what the doctor sent over (I swear I saw them in there though but insurance pays for 100% of labs so I am not going to worry over it), also did a retest of my cell count fingers crossed for good (or at least better) numbers.

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I know you are relieved to have the move behind you. I moved at about 29/30 wks with DS1 and it totally stinks. Sorry DH was not helpful though!

I've never filled out any domestic abuse info, is that normal procedure? Hope all your results from today's testing come back good. Yay for 36 wks too...getting close Smile

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meh I know they usually ask about domestic abuse anytime you go to the hospital/ER, and also at pediatric appts from time to time. I figured it was normal enough, no one wants to be responsible for not saving the women or children that actually need it.

I am looking for a pediatrician now... DS hasn't been to the doctor since he was three. I don't know why but looking for doctors stresses me out, plus I don't know which doctors will be on board with the type of care that I want (which is just patient directed, I don't think a kid needs to have gone to the doctor 112 times by the time they are 1 if they aren't actually sick...)

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Glad moving is over! Glad your appointment was uneventful, too.

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Phew, I'm glad the move is done! That would have had me super stressed out.

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Posts: 3078 glad you are done moving!! Even not pregnant, that is miserable.

AFA the domestic abuse stuff, one of the hospitals I delivered at made me do paperwork too. I figure it is prevents even one baby from going home to an abuse situation, probably well worth the inconvenience to the rest of us.

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I agree and would have no problem answering questions if asked...I can see the reasoning behind it. Just hadn't heard of it before so wasn't sure if I'd been hanging out under a rock or what? Wink

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i dont even know how you did the move while pregnant it took me 2 weeks to get the house clean for my DS's birthday and its taking me 2 days to clean Julianna's room for her furniture this week

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I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how the move went. Glad to hear it is over and you are all settled in.

I've never been asked about Domestic abuse or guns in the house before. I have seen alot of the signs with the numbers to call in the restrooms at the ER and Doctors office though.

I'm with Karen. It takes me days to just accomplish one task, let alone move.

Good luck with finding the doctor for the baby. Ask around for referrals and what you are looking for. Facebook is what helped me find out new pediatrician. I'm picky too, I don't like big practices and much prefer and smaller, town doctor feel to where we take the kiddos. We had a Doctor, but he moved his practice 45 minutes away and it just wasn't feasible for sick visits to be traveling so much.

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glad the move is over. Biggrin