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Anyone feeling anything? Last pregnancy, my placenta was in the back and if I was curled up on the couch I felt a tiny tap maybe a couple times a day starting around this time. I was a FTM so didn't know for sure if it was movement, but over the next two weeks as it got stronger I knew I was feeling baby!

i have felt a couple taps a few times now, they feel just like the ones from last time. I hope it is baby! Anyone else?

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I had one "questionable" moment yesterday where it could have been baby, but it could also be wishful thinking and slow digestion Wink I felt my 2nd at about 14.5 weeks but it felt like bubbles popping sort of, not like kicks for another few weeks. So it's possible since you know what it feels like already. But your body can also trick you...after I had my first baby, I had "phantom movement" for months where I could swear there was another baby in there sometimes. LOL

Can't wait to feel baby FOR SURE! It's so close! Biggrin

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LOL, I was thinking of posting about this earlier today. Whenever I THINK I feel the baby, I fart! HA HA, so I guess it's gas!

With DD my placenta was in the front. I felt her tapping for the first time at 18 weeks. Late, right?

At the CVS on Wednesday DH said baby was going INSANE in there...he just can't believe I can't feel it. Blum 3

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With DD I didn't feel movement for sure until 22 weeks. the placenta was in the front and very large. i have been feeling the baby for a few days now! I did learn that the placenta is posterior from my specialist so i know it is the baby!

edited to say: I think i can feel it more because I am in bed all day so I have less other movement to mask it.

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with DS i thought i felt the baby move around 13 weeks but then it stopped and then again around 17 weeks but stopped again i really didnt feel him until about 21 weeks i also had my placenta in the front

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

At the CVS on Wednesday DH said baby was going INSANE in there...he just can't believe I can't feel it. Blum 3

At my 10 1/2 week u/s, the baby was moving a ton. Crazy that little thing can wiggle so much and we can't feel them. At least we know they are well padded in there Wink