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Ok, so the 33 weeks BabyGaga update says I should be feeling baby move at least every hour.! This baby sleeps! Why would I want him/her to move every hour? I haven't timed it but I'm sure it's a couple hours when he/she is asleep. Is anyone else like this?

I had another thought...perhaps I just don't notice the small movements? Kia seems WAY more able to tell where baby is from internal feelings, but not me. I guess everyone has a different level of sensitivity.

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Yeah this pregnancy is way different for me and em doesn't seem to sleep lol. Dd I didn't feel close to this much.

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Well, my first two moved constantly day and night and neither STTN until FIVE YEARS OLD.

This kid has very clear times of awake and asleep. I'm hopeful that I'm finally getting one that sleeps!

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Definitely don't feel him every hour. He has pretty long stretches where I won't feel him at all (unless he gets hiccups) then when he's awake, he's wild and moving like crazy. It really depends on my level of activity too - the more I'm moving around, the less he seems to (must be keeping him asleep with the "rocking").

FWIW: My DS1 was a crazy baby in the womb and was 10x better sleeper than my DD once he was born. But even when he was sleeping, he'd kick his feet so now I know he was just twitchy Wink My DD was a lot more mellow in the womb but was a horrible sleeper until like 2 1/2. Go figure.

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I couldn't tell ya. I feel this one a TON, and when he moves, he moves BIG. There could be a whole hour period when I don't feel him, but I just don't ever "notice" when he is inactive, I only "notice" when he is....LOL.

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I sit at my desk all day 'working' so I'm not moving a lot...I notice baby's movements normally during a work day. It's normally shortly after I eat or drink. Blum 3

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This baby is a night owl! I hardly feel her at work, but she seems to perk up from 7pm through the night.
I definitely don't feel her every hour

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There are some days I notice him moving a lot, but some days it will hit me that I haven't felt him in awhile. After I actually sit down, I normally feel him. He loves to get active once I sit down! I don't know that I feel him every hour though.

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julianna def has her moments of sleep and being awake... i would say she sleeps for about 2-3 hrs and then i feel some movement for a bit and then off to sleep she goes.. she is the most active around 8 pm at night where i she stays up longer