M's Newborn Photos

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M's Newborn Photos

Here are M's newborn photos from when he was 9 days old. I make/sell crocheted items so a photographer friend took the pics in trade for letting her keep all the items. I'm pretty happy with them! I didn't have newborn photos with DD because I'm so cheap.

Marshall's Newborn Photos

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album is private Smile

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"sandraleigh" wrote:

album is private Smile

HA HA, I'm so silly when it comes to photobucket. Should be public now!

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Those pictures are precious, he looks so sweet!

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Omg! So cute!!

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wonderful! Love all the pictures but the ones with Kennedy are so sweet, proud big sister!

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Love! I'm still waiting on my newborn pics to come... Boo!! My photographer is great but oh so slow.