mucus plug or excessive discharge?

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mucus plug or excessive discharge?

this may be TMI but Im curious .... the other night when I went to the bathroom I had a tON of discharge when I wiped. like thick stretchy snotty like..... I then stood up and went to pull my pants up and a tON more came out... like on its own onto the seat. could this have been my mucus plug? talking with a coteacher at work (who is on #3) she thinks it might ahve been..... (she also informed me today that she came down to my room the other day becaue I was so low the day before she wanted to see if I was even there........... Ive gotten much lower and the principal has already lined up a sub for me....... Baby has been kicking and Im pretty sure he's trying to break through my cervix (thats what it feeels like!) today he was so low that I had trouble sitting to eat lunch........

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I had that happen with one of my other pregnancies and my doc said it could've been but usually mucus plug has blood in it. Probably nothing to stress about but if it continues to happen then definitely mention it to your doc just in case.

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Definitely could be. Sometimes women lose their mucous plug and it regenerates itself, so it doesn't necessarily mean labour is impending. No experience with it myself though! I've never lost/noticed that I lost my mucous plug.

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Sounds like it. I've had tons of it but not enough to fall out on its own. I think if labor were coming, there'd be blood in it, though.

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I agree it sounds like it could be plug but I've never noticed loosing my plug personally so no real experience. I've also heard it can regenerate, doesn't mean labor is coming now. Either way I hope baby stays's too soon still.