Music for labor.

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Music for labor.

So when I had DS, I forgot my mp3 player at home and it sucked. Music is one of the surefire things to keep me calm. So what music is on your list for while you are in labor or afterwards?

For me:
anything by Mumford and Sons (just soothing goodness)
The Boat Song by JJ Heller (bwah I hadn't even heard this song before yesterday, but it is on the list)
First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes
anything by Snow Patrol

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I've been working on mine for awhile. I'll list it when I get home!

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I didn't labour last time but I want to get some music together. I don't know WHAT though. Is classical good? I have a cd of classical music for pregnant moms that is quite good! I think our labour/delivery/everything rooms have cd players.

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DS whole birthing story is kind of a blur. I completely forgot about the idea of music

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I planned to bring music with DS2 but ended up forgetting. I like choral music, but that is probably because I am a major choir geek Smile

But hey, we did a Mumford and Sons song at our Christmas concert! Best of both worlds?
We also recently did a Florence and the Machine song at our spring concert. Super fun Smile

My favourite choral composer is Eric Whitacre. I have a bunch of his stuff on my oldschool iPod shuffle, I should dig it out!

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I didn't have time for music when in labor. I didn't even have time to get in the tub like I wanted Sad

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I honestly couldn't stand sound. When I finally gave in and got my epidural I pretty much slept off and on and talked to everyone. I may bring music but idk what...

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My musical tastes are weird. But these are the songs I'm putting together to get through labor. Most are "you can do this" type songs.


Feels like today -- Rascal Flatts
Do What You Gotta Do -- Garth Brooks
Huckleberry--Toby Keitg
Almost There--The Princess & theFrog
When will my life begin-- Tangled
For the longest time--Billy Joel
I'm glad you came--I have the Glee version
Stay--Dave Matthews Band
Feel like a rock star--Kenny Chesney
Defying gravity--Wicked
Never Gonna Feel Like This Again--Kenny Chesney
Thank Goodness--Wicked
Watch Me Shine--Legally Blonde soundtrack
Go the distance--Hercules

Apologize--I have a workout version
Long Day--Maychbox 20
Push--Matchbox 20
She's from Boston--Kenny Chesney
Stand--Rascal Flatts

overall I chose Little Wonders by Rob Thomas (from Meet the Robinsons, love my Disney music) as my relaxation song. After how sick I've been, I like it. It very much fits the moment and describes how I think I'll feel! It starts "let it go, let it roll right off your shoulders. Don't you know the hardest part is over?" Smile

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That is a great playlist!

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Definitely no music for me. I just like to walk around and talk with people (DH and the midwife).