My 33 week appt

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My 33 week appt

They never called to remind me which I thought was weird. So I get there after driving clear across the city during morning commute and they tell me my appt was canceled. I said that didn't make sense and so she had to go find my nurse who looked it up and determined it was an accident and put me back in. Sigh. Remember how I almost canceled in the first place???? I could've slept.

The nurse called me Rachel and I corrected her and she seemed mad that I did. So odd.

Up a pound. I figure that's Oliver's growth but still good to see that scale go up. All other measurements are fine.

Doctor told me "if you plan to have more kids, I'd highly recommend you wait several years. Your body is going to need time to m rebuild." I laughed and told him this was it. He doesn't personally prescribe chemical birth control but said he could refer me to someone else who does (he's done a ton of research into hormones and stuff and decided he just doesn't believe in altering hormones through birth control. He teaches some kind of fancy NFP that I am going to research. It's actually covered by insurance so it's more involved than just charting). I told him I was looking into his method but considering a permanent option as well.

Told me I needed to get a move on with planning a hospital tour because I'm getting awfully close.

I asked about the faint feeling and he thinks it's blood sugar and to eat more protein. Which is basically impossible right about now but I'll try.

I get a week off and then go at 35 for my GBS.

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Sorry for the appointment confusion!! Sounds like Oliver is doing well in there. Hey if you find out more about his "method" I would be interested to know. After doing research myself (and for religious reasons to I suppose) I also feel I cannot use hormonal birth control methods of any kind. In fact, I'm having a very hard time being okay with anything that alters what the body is suppose to do naturally - so even a vasectomy would cause my DH to absorb his own sperm instead of release it every month as it is intended to do... sigh. Anyway, please do let me know what you find out about it!

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I'm glad mr man is doing so well. I am also looking into the Marquette method of nfp. I'd be interested in learning abt what your dr advocates. Originally I was going to get an IUD but learned about them and would prefer not to use them also for religious reasons. The Marquette method is not covered Sad

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Glad the appointment went well after the confusion was cleared up. I hate when stuff like that happens!

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I looked it up on his website and it's called the Creighton Method. It's used under a doctors watch and involves the husband and wife working together as opposed to just the wife charting and telling hubby "no!" You have regular appointments with your doctor to review your charts and address issues.

My doctor says he has cancer patients who absolutely cannot risk pregnancy due to their treatments who are having 100% success rates with it. He himself has been using it successfully for 11 years. I'm seriously considering it over having Jon get snipped. And I have a feeling Jon will be all for it because it means not getting snipped. I have never felt right about birth control pills for a lot of reasons. I have several friends currently pregnant who were using iuds. And one of them nearly lost the baby because of it. And hubby is terrified of surgery. I really like the concept that you are working together. I always feel like a jerk saying I think it's a bad time, even though it worked for five years. It caused tension and I hated that. So we will be heavily considering this I think.

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Sorry to hear about the appointment confusion. I know that can be irritating.

Sounds like a good option for birth control! I went on the pill right before DH and I got married and always hated it. I haven't come across any other options I'm ok with for various reasons as well. For us, DH is planning to go ahead with a vasectomy. But some sort of NFP would be the only other acceptable option if he didn't want to go that route. I think it's really cool the doctor will meet with you and DH to review and give advice. And that it more actively involves DH too.