My appointment today...

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My appointment today...

went very well. We had to wait on the u/s tech for a while but it was worth it. Baby measured perfectly and no indications of anything but perfectly healthy baby. Smile Weight was estimated to be 8 oz. Here are a couple of u/s pics:

It's a girl...add me to team pink! Biggrin

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PINK PINK PINK! Happy for you Smile

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YES! Let the shopping begin! Love the hamburger shot. Blum 3

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yay for team pink!

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Yay Lynn!!!!! Congrats on your little girl! How exciting!!!!

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:woohoo: So glad to hear things looked good and excited for your GIRL!!

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Yay team pink!!

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Love the PINK!! Congrats!!

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yay congratulations on the little healthy girl

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:lurk: Yahoo Congrats Lynn on getting your baby girl!!!

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So happy for you Clarkton...for the baby girl AND the healthy perfect part!

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:woohoo: Great news!! I'm so excited for you. Smile

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Woohoo!! Hi little girl!

Amazing at 8oz they look so big on the u/s

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Congrats on a healthy baby girl!!! Any names picked out yet?

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I'm so excited for you!

All these posts are making me so excited to go for my scan in 2 weeks Smile

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