My dad is in the hospital. Which means I must be really close.

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My dad is in the hospital. Which means I must be really close.

Ok, this is weird but my dad always, always, ALWAYS ends up in the hospital when someone else has a major life event. It's like he has attention envy or something. When I was in the hospital, the day they discovered my pancreas and gallbladder issues and decided to induce me, he broke his foot. When Lucas was born, I can't remember exactly but I think he had an infection from a pulled tooth. When my nephew was born last fall, he broke a rib.

He went to the hospital this afternoon with extremely high blood pressure. So I know it's gotta be almost baby time.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but I swear, it happens every time. So strange. I do hope he's ok, but he is an alcoholic and I expect at some point that has to catch up to him health-wise. I've been bracing for it for almost 15 years now.

So lots of emotions rattling around this pregnant brain!

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Sorry to hear he is in the hospital. I hope it all turns out okay!

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Wow, that is quite odd. I'm sorry to hear he's having issues and hope he is ok. Also, good luck to you that it does mean you're close to baby time! Smile

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[HR][/HR]Just heard from mom. He has some kind of virus causing a lot of the symptoms (they were worried it was a stroke) but the high BP is probably permanent so he has to start long term meds.

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Sorry to hear about your dads high blood pressure. But hopefully your hunch is right on labor coming soon.