My first baby is eight today!!!

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My first baby is eight today!!!

What a reminder that no matter how these last days of pregnancy and first days home with a newborn seem to crawl by, time is truly flying. Tori was that baby everyone hopes they don't get--cried 24/7 and never, ever slept. Ever. I remember thinking those days would never end, that she would be a screaming baby forever. And now, she's eight and an awesome kid. And she's always happy, go figure. It's Like all her crying came out the first year!

But she still doesn't sleep. I got up to pee at 2am and she was still wide awake! Smile

Anyway, these days are temporary. I'm a little emotional today!!!

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Awwww Smile Happy Birthday Tori!

I can't believe I'll have a 6 year old next month.

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Happy Birthday Tori!!!

How sweet!

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Happy birthday Tori! I can't imagine having an 8 year old...I'm pretty sure my almost 4 year old will never be that old Wink

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So true!! My first was similar, although after 3 hours of straight crying every evening, she did eventually fall asleep! That's crazy that she was up at 2 am.

Happy Birthday Tori!!! Smile

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Happy Birthday Tori!

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So big! Happy Birthday Tori!

It does go so fast...I always said from the day my first was born that I will wake up and he'll be 10. Wink