My grandma is 100 today!

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My grandma is 100 today!

My grandma, Florence, is 100 years old today. She is my moms mom and she has 9 children, 30 grandchildren and who knows how many great-grandchildren (I do actually know, it just takes me a bit to remember. If I can remember I will let you know)

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Wow! Happy Birthday to her!!!! What a milestone! My Grandma is only in her 80's.

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Happy birthday to her!!!

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How awesome! Happy Birthday Smile

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Awesome! My DH has a grandmother named Florence as well. Happy birthday to your g-ma! 100 years is pretty amazing.

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Wooo hoo! Happy birthday grandma! So cool!

I love the name Florence...but unfortunately it has some negative connotations for me I can't use it. Waaaaah! Sad

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Happy Birthday!

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It's 56 great grandchildren. Grandma is a lovely lady. She lives in a home now but she still has a wonderful quality of life. We have hired out a hall and are having a huge family party for her. She will only be able to stay for an hour or so but she will love it.

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wow thats awesome, happy birthday grandma florance, mine is 91 Smile

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Happy 100th Florence!! That's totally awesome!

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WOW! What a legacy to leave! Happy Birthday Florence!

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Wow!!! Congrats to your grandmother on an amazing milestone!

My grandmother is only 75. If her mom were still alive, she'd be 105. She lived to be 92. I had my great grandmother in my life all the way until I went to college! Hooray for long-living woman! Smile

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She is truly special and knows each and every one of her grandchildren and great-grandchildrens name and birthday. Her memory is fantastic.