My head ...

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My head ...

Hurts so bad!!!! I'm swollen, but not more than what's typical for me at this point. Should I be worried about the headache?

On another note, congrats to all of the new arrivals! I'm enjoying the pics and stories. I hope everyone is enjoying their newborn snuggles.

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If you don't normally have bad headaches I would look into it. Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? I had a bad headache with DS and they couldnt figure out if it was caused by my high blood pressure or if my blood pressure was caused by the headache. Hoping it goes away soon for you!

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I get migraines, but haven't had a headache at all this pregnancy and this feels different than my migraines. Like my head feels heavy? I'm not sure if that makes sense. My bp was checked Thurs. and was fine. I think I'll sleep on it and call my dr if it's not better in the morning.

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My midwife says that if Tylenol can't take it away, then to call them. Hope yours has gotten better.

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Hope you are feeling better

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I agree with what Mary said per what I was told with my pre-e. I got a really bad pressure headache about a week ago and was concerned but I was able to get rid of it with Tylenol, water and closing my eyes for a bit. Sorry girl those really suck!