My latest score!

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My latest score!

So I totally scored a Joovy Caboose stroller for $20! I was pretty excited till I got home and saw how faded it was. Sad This is it:

And this is a close-up on the canopy:

$20 is a great deal, but UGH! Also, it didn't come with a snack tray or a car seat adapter. I found a friend who sold me the car seat adapter for $20 so now I'm $40 into it. I found an ad on a CL that is 1 hour away for a person giving away the snack tray for free, so I had a friend pick that up for me.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the faded fabric. Dye it or spray paint it? I found this awesome blog post that sort of makes me want to try to spray it!

Freckle Face Girl: Painting Fabric {A sun-faded stroller}

I wonder if it REALLY works that well?

I just washed the fabric parts but have yet to wash the frame.

I guess I could try spray painting it because what do I have to lose if it doesn't work. $20?

I have this 'thing' about wanting to make my money back on my used I'm thinking if I invest more is it worth it? Not sure.

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For $6 it's worth a shot!!!

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"PCCGirl813" wrote:

For $6 it's worth a shot!!!

Probably more in Canada. Sad

The orange on the seats are super faded too. I think I might get an orange can and try that first....because then if I have overspray on the orange bits on the canopy then he black paint will hide them. Hum....Or the canopy might end up being all Black if I'm lazy.

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Pretty good deal. It sounds like it would be worth giving it a go with the spray paint, or call up the manufacturer and tell them the stroller ripped a hole in the canopy when opening it maybe they will send a replacement for free?

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Bummer that it's so faded but wow, still a great deal! I've never seen one around here go for cheaper than $60 in crappy used condition.

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good deal! For me, I wouldn't worry if its faded. I agree with Ashley, even faded those still bring in some money.

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That is a great deal!! And I would so try the spray paint. If nothing else do a little test area first and see how you like it. I think it will be great!

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I'd give the paint a try. Looks worth it to me!

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Great buy and I love projects too! I just don't do well with getting them done. Let us know how the painting goes if you decide to do it. Smile

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Change of plans!

I found a less bad one for $60 that includes some extras we wanted. It's cleaner and less we bought it and we're going to make one good stroller from the two, selling the other one for what we paid. LOL. More work but nicer. The new one is blue and black and only the sun shade is faded, not the WHOLE thing.