My little porker. :P

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My little porker. :P

I meant to post this yesterday but ran out of energy VERY early in the day. Sad

The midwife came yesterday to check on us an M is gaining weight already! I figured as much after the SIX night time feeds the night before.

Birth: 8lbs 10.5oz
1 day old (discharge weight): 8lbs 4oz
2 days old: 8lbs 2oz
3 days old: 8lbs 4oz

WOAH! Up to discharge weight that fast!!!! I guess all that hard work is paying off.

My daughter has always been a small eater and a slow gainer. She was 16lbs at 1 year! I have a feeling this is going to be a whole new experience with a boy in the house. He is already looking chubby! LOL.

Since he's doing so well our midwife visits are down to every 2 days now.

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I'm so glad! Way to grow M!!!

My DD was petite too. I think at 1 year she was 19 lbs. My DS1 was SO enormous in comparison, he was 17 lbs when he was 3 months old!!!! ROFL By the time he was 6 months and she was 2, they wore the same size diaper.

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I'm right there with you too on having a small DD (16 lbs 12 oz at one year) so my DS1 seemed huge in comparison. He was a pound bigger at birth and ate a lot more than DD did but he ended up pretty skinny but taller. Anyway awesome growing Marshall!

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Big babies are a different world! Smile both of mine were chunks. We outgrew the weight limit on the infant seat by 6 months both times. Craziness.

Just remember to take care of yourself. Fast gainers require more calories from you and more stamina--it's hard to lug around an 18 pound three month old! Smile

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Mine have all been pretty similar, regardless of starting weight. I just seem to "make" the same "type" of kid. They are all in the 19-21 lb range at a year and then have similar gains from there on out... Anyway, that is fabulous that M is doing so well. Smile I think it is definitely easier when they are quick to gain, you aren't so fearful that things "aren't working" as they should. I like having the chubby babies because then I don't worry nearly as much when they get sick.

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"pollo_la" wrote:

I think it is definitely easier when they are quick to gain, you aren't so fearful that things "aren't working" as they should. I like having the chubby babies because then I don't worry nearly as much when they get sick.

EXACTLY! We were worried about DD's weight gain from day one. We were forced to wake her at night to feed her....poke her and stroke her to keep her awake. It was so stressful. Anyways, WAY less worry this time. Well, honestly, everything is way less worry some with #2!

I'll try to get some pics together for you ladies this morning. Still trying to take it easy while actually accomplishing a thing or two. I even trimmed my finger nails this morning. Blum 3

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DD was such a chubby baby - and a pound and a half more at birth. She was 19lbs by 4 and a half months. Then she started moving and was only about 24 at a year (still quite big I know). M started smaller, but he's putting on weight for sure and he's a great eater and we're starting to see some chin action happening Smile

Way to grow Marshall! It's definitely more encouraging when they eat well and thrive and you don't feel like you're watching the scale or worrying about every ounce!

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That is awesome! Way to go Momma!

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That is great that he is gaining so quickly It is a relief to know they are gaining well. I know with my first DS he ate all the time, but he spit up all the time. I worried so much about him growing, and he did grow slow. My other two gained much better.

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Uh oh, you're in for it! Wink Way to feed that baby!
My boys were smaller at birth (7-7.5lbs), but... DS1 was up 12oz from birth weight at 5 days and DS2 was already up a pound by then. DS3 was a little less, but similar. Then they all put on a pound a week for the first two months and were 20lbs by 4 months and around 30lbs at a year.
I was one of those babies who was 18lbs at a year and am still very small, at 5'4" and 100lbs. I've often had to explain to people that actually, I am the mom and not a nanny because my kids are so huge compared to me. But, it's great having chubby boys!

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Yay for good weight gain! It is much easier the second time and especially when feeding and gaining go better. That was my experience too with DS1 being early and was never very chubby. It was very different with DS2 who didn't end up too much bigger around a year but gained better and was much chubbier. He just has a stockier build anyway. It's interesting how different they can be.

Keep up the good work momma! Smile

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