A neat visual

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A neat visual

I really found this image interesting!

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Very cool. I was just telling DH last night about how our intestines get so squished when we're pregnant and he was grossed out (haha). He doesn't like details. Having worked on cadavers in college for quite some time, I find it pretty awesome ANYTHING can fit in there (let alone a huge baby!) because things are so tight already!

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Wow, that's neat. That is crazy how much the intestines have to move!!

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Thats cool! Bladder looks so much smaller! TFS!

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I have often wondered how it all smooshes together.

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That's pretty cool!!

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Very cool Blum 3 That's why we get so full right away in the third trimester but are starving an hour later!

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Truly amazing!

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When I had my first, I had my gallbladder out three days after she was born (they never even let me leave the hospital, it sucked!). Normally gallbladder surgery is done laproscopically now but they told me before I went into the OR that they may have to slice me all the way open because they wouldn't really know where my gallbladder was. Everything gets so pushed out of place during pregnancy and then after, it is moving back to the correct spot and so they weren't sure exactly where it'd be by the time I had my surgery. So crazy! (And I got lucky, they were able to do three small holes!).

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That's a really cool visual. I always wondered where everything went when baby takes up all the space!