Need advice/ verge of tears

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Need advice/ verge of tears

Ok, just that fast I think I will cry...My baby had a scratch on her face yesterday when I picked her up from school. I brought it up this morning cause the teacher that have her was not there when I picked her up. I love the school and she loves it to. But no one seem to know what happen. So I call today to check on her and they tell me she had a tantrum and starting scratching her face. HUH? I don't get that. THis is new and I'm feeling like I am about to freak out. I noticed two little scratches on her neck the other day but didnt think anything of it. Alex is normally a very happy baby but now that I'm thinking of her behavior she has been acting different. She wants me to carry her around everywhere. Is my baby stressed out, is something at school stressed her, What? I"m leaving work at 3:30 to pop in and get my baby but ladies I feel awful. Maybe I'm over reacting cause I'm pregnant, not sure but I just hope there's nothing going on with Alex.

Do any of you have toddlers that scratch, pinch or throw tantrum. I know it happens but this is something new for me:(

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Aweeee, hugs. Sad It sounds like she's getting frustrated with things and doesn't know how to deal with them. Sad First thing I'd recommend is to keep her nails really short so she can't hurt herself. Secondly, perhaps you can help her to learn how to deal with upsetting situations. How many months old is she?

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She's just a month older than my youngest. They are still so young! Not even 18 months. Emerson is starting to really scream when he gets frustrated with something, maybe she is scratching herself when she is frustrated. Try keeping her nails really short.

I think this age they are at is hard. They are starting to understand tons of what we say, and starting to be able to communicate back to us, understanding how things work - but they can't always tell us what they want or what is wrong.

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I agree with Sandra and Heather, try to keep her nails short.

I have a scratcher (although he does it to me mostly). It's when he is frustrated or angry.

I'm suprised her daycare can't tell you more though. Maybe you can talk to the teacher. I think that might help you and her get through this.

Don't ever apologize for being worried. Its so tough to leave them and not know 100% of everything going on. Take a moment to let it out and then go give her some big hugs! She might just be having a bad couple of days....we all have those Wink

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I agree with everyone else on this one. She is about the age where tantrums become more common. Try to keep her nails short and encourage her to explain or show you what the problem is. DS had a pretty bad go of it about that age as well. If it is just random scratches that look like they could be from her I wouldn't worry about the school being the issue too much, unless it escalates to marks that wouldn't be explained by a tantrum or general childhood bruises.

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Does your daycare use sign language or can your daughter say 'help'? Sometimes it's good to teach them to ask for help when they get frustrated. Often it's as simple as they can't get the shape in the shape sorter box and get upset.

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My DD used to bite herself on the wrist and leave marks! She would do it when she was frustrated. I would tell her no and get her to try to tell me what was wrong instead of biting herself. It took time, but she eventually quit. I m pretty laid back about mot everything and it did concern me some though. I think it is a phase most kids go through and they each can express themselves in different ways.

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I think there is some great advice here. Ask her teacher to pay special attention to her triggers and see If there is a way they can help her convey what she needs or how she is feeling. Once u know her triggers u can work towards a solution easier. Hang in there and we are here for u to vent all you want. Hug

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Thats why I love this group. Thanks for all the advice. Cut her nails soon I picked her up. Will try the things you guys suggest.

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Hope tomorrow is better. :bighug: