New User Name and small update...

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New User Name and small update...

Hey everyone!! The site locked me out and wouldn't let me log in with my previous Kristyplus2, so I had to make another one!!

Anyway, everything is good so far, nothing to report yet!! Bloating sucks, pants don't fit, bra's don't fit, and my vitamins are making me a tad sick, but other than that I'm good! I'm just patiently waiting for the next couple weeks to go by...

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welcome back! Wink

glad you are doing well and I agree that bloating is awful!

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Glad you are back!

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Sorry you got locked! My prenatal makes me sick when I'm not pregnant (I always take them as a multivitamin) but they nearly knock me out pregnant. Have you tried taking them at night RIGHT before bed? As long as I don't wake up within the next 3 hours (which does happen, I have 2 little kids!) then I'm fine!

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Glad you are back. Smile

I noticed in your siggy your DS was born 9 weeks early. My DS1 6.5 weeks early after PROM at 33 weeks 1 day...they were able to stop labor by putting me on mag sulfate long enough to give me the shots for his lung development. What caused your little one's early arrival? I hope you don't mind me asking. Just ignore me if you do. Blum 3