NEWBIE ! ! Does this look positive ?

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NEWBIE ! ! Does this look positive ?

I am Brand new have lurked for sometime but I think I may have a BFP !

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Sure does! Congrats Smile

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Looks + to me!!
Cibgrats and welcome
Look forward to getting to know you.

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Looks very positive! Congrats!

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def!!!! congrats

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Congrats!! HH9M!!

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Looks positive to me! Welcome! Congrats! HH9M!

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Definitely! Congratulations and welcome to the board!

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YES! That is as positive as positive can be! YAY!!!!

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Congratulations! Welcome to June 2013 and HH9M's! Smile

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Hi and welcome to June, congrats!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Thank you ALL I look forward to getting to know all of you ... Its so strange it doesnt feel real every time I go to bathroom I am looking at TP for a twinge of pink because Im thinking Its not real LOL... We were TTC so We are super happy just worried Im old than I was with my son and its been a long time ... Anyone here have kids with big age differences ?

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Hi Renee. I got my BFP yesterday so I guess we're together. I'm in denial about it all too. It's really early for me.

I'm not a lot older than when I had DD...she's 2.5 years old...but I'm 36 so I'm old. LOL