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My DS1 got a note sent home from preschool that there was a case of lice in his classroom. WAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Sad My worst nightmare. I checked his head last night and didn't see anything but I had nightmares all night about lice.

I'm off to buy some tea tree oil and tea tree oil shampoo. But who the heck is going to check MY head? DH would have no idea what to do.

Maybe I'm having such nightmares because I had lice 7 times as a kid and I remember what my mother went through.

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HA HA, ooooh the lice. I know that nightmare.

If you dye your hair, do that. It will kill them. OR, I've heard the hair straightener kills them, so just get close to the root and straighten your hair.

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Ew, ew, ew!! I am dreading the first case of lice at school... GL I hope no one at your house has it!!

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I am dreading the day DS gets a note that someone in his class has lice!

I remember having that as a kid. So gross

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Ick, hopefully it stays away, and remember that they like super clean hair so if it gets a bit mucky for a while that is ok they won't be able to cling as much. Hopefully you guys can avoid it.

We had it several times when I was a kid (result of public schooling seven kids), one year the kids across the street and my little sisters kept passing it back and fourth, took forever to get it coordinated with all the washing and bug bombing days...

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I am so paranoid. I have been washing all the bedding in hot water. I checked DS and DD's hair and didn't see anything but I am so grossed out. I'll shampoo us all with tea tree oil and spray my whole house with the stuff.