No energy!

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No energy!

I am so exhausted so easily these days. I'm sure some of it is low iron. But there's no way I can eat meat on this stomach and I'm back to Zofran 4x a day so iron pills are out--I'd be constipated for life! Maybe some iron fortified cereal? Usually I think of things like raisin bran. Are there any that are more... Well, that I could snack on out of the box? Plus I have stopped my love affair with soda. I still drink it sometimes but I drink it so little that I'm not even getting caffeine headaches anymore! But I definitely still feel the lack of quick energy from caffeine. And I'm way too nauseous for exercise. So that's killing my energy too. Sigh. I literally just took an hour long nap just because I helped my kids move their socks and underwear from the dresser to their new closet organizer. Not exactly hard labor! I wish some of my nesting energy would kick in but it's a but early still. How's everyone else doing???

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I am right there with you. I could sleep for days.

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I hear ya, the afternoon is bad for me.

As for the iron, there are lots of non-meat ways to get it, but they aren't as easy for your body to absorb. My midwife gave me a whole list of things I could eat. Have you tried smoothies? I make them with desert tofu (iron), banana (iron), frozen strawberries, raw spinach (iron) and orange juice. They are packed with nutrients and iron.

I think pretty much all commercial cereals are iron fortified. 1 serving of Cranberry Almond Crunch is 40% of the required daily iron and bite sized mini-wheats are 50%. Just remember, that's 50% of the required amount for a NON pregnant person. We need more.

Most breads are iron fortified too. I've been eating hamburgers a lot as I then get iron in the beef and in the bun.

Just remember, most packages have the iron content listed on the side so when choosing between two items read the nutritional label and choose the one that is higher. Good luck!

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Sorry about the lack of energy. I went through about a week or so really bad exhaustion around 31 weeks and then my belly seemed to pop out more and I'm measuring ahead again so I'm guessing the tiredness was due to baby sucking all my energy so he could grow. But the last week I've felt much better! Hope you regain some momentum soon. I'm sure mine is short-lived at best as I know how exhausting the last month is!

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I totally fought through the chance to have a nap today. Sort of wish I had caved in and had one, but I decided to get up and iron and do laundry instead. *yawn*

You could eat All Bran. Pretty gross, but if you mixed it with yogurt or something it might be tolerable.

ETA: Wow, see, I should have had that nap. I was thinking of fibre, not iron. So confused. LOL

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My energy gets pretty low. I have so much going on right now, I can't stop. If I ever do sit down, I am out like a light!

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I am tired, but im in bed all day, when i do get up I get tired very quickly. the weather has alot to do with it for me too, its been raining for so long with only one day of sun break.

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I have zero energy too. Some days I get a burst of energy but the rest of the time I am too tired. Dealing with a two year old who cries twice a night doesn't help.