Noah Bryant (photo and story)

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Noah Bryant (photo and story)

So we had tons of house issues Wednesday night before our having to call abotu induction. (can't remember if I posted or not, but a snake crawled through our water pump and got stuck and fried....thus no water in the house) We managed very little sleep and then thursday morning they called to say they did not have a bed and to call back about a bed between 12 and 1. So at 12 on the dot I called and they did not have a bed. so we were told to come in at 3 either way and have a non stress test done. blood pressure was up the whole time we were having the test done and at the point that it hit 174/102 (according to DH who could see hte monitor and I couldn't) they suddenly had a bed and we were admitted to be induced as soon as we were in a room. We were in and induction had been started (with cervadil) by 5 and I was STILL only 1 cm. Friday morning around 9? they broke my water and I was already at a 5. Based on what happened with DS1 (stuck at 5 then all of a sudden he was here) they wanted to wait to start pitocin to see if DS2 did he same. The midwife was kind enough to let me decide when we were going to start pitocin. (with DS I didnt have a choice) whih was nice because I was hoping I could get through without needing it.... at 12:40 they started the pitocin because contractions were getting worse/closer but not quite "there". Things picked up but I was still not dilating very quickly. I had the urge to push but they kept telling me to wait. so then on each contraction they would check to see if I was ready to push. It was extremely hard to find something to focus on while breathing through it when it was so hard to breathe. They had me lay on my side and it quickly got to the point that I was pushing becuase I couldnt help it. at that point they announced that is what they were waiting for and they let me start to push. Dh says I only pushed 3 times but I seem to think it was more (I think he was only counting the times they SAID to push) he also said baby's shoulder got stuck and that I was doing a good job at only pushing when they said to, and how hard they said to. (I totally dont remember this--I just remember pushign and pain) next thing I know baby was out and they were giving him to me. Totally different from the hospital we had DS1 in where I was able to hold him for a min then he was whisked away for weight, lenght, etc. This time they wrapped and handed Noah to me, while I delivered the placenta, was stitched up and having blood pressure monitored. I nursed him right away and he did well and I was really excited. He was an hour old before they weighed him. I loved it but at the same time was so weak from everything it was hard to focus on him and even hold him. (not to mention I was being stitched up at the same time) 2 hrs after he was born, big brother came to meet him and was more than thrilled. We mentioned the possibility of going home on Saturday and they were ok with it as long as baby passed his tests. Night one was rough, Noah was constantly gagging and seemed to be dry-heaving (only way I can think to explain) I had issues with DS1 with a nurse scarring me for life bc she said he was choking and all we noticed was the same coughing he had done with other nurses and they weren't concerned. so we sent him to the nursery for the night and they brought him to me to nurse--which he did well. DH was completely passed out and didnt wake up to me yelling at him (I nursed but couldnt lift him back into the "crib". ) so I decided as much as I didnt want to it was better to send him to the nursery. and Im glad I did its the only sleep I have gotten since he was born! He slept SOO much in his first day and then started having trouble nursing. He wouldnt latch on, he would get mad and then not try he'd even latch and then just plain not suck. my migrianes were comign back and it got to the point where we decided we were going to say we gave it a go and nursing was not going to work. so we switched to formula. the nurses were WONDERFUL. (except for one who wasn't on board with the feeding plan) he almost didnt pass the jaundice test but was told if he ate REALLLY well at his 4:20 feeding that he could go home early--before the 48 hr mark. we managed and got to go home. AFter home all he did was sLEEP and sleep and sleep. until it was bedtime. The first night was rough and I think it was even worse because we left the hospital after only one night and he was in the nursery for htat. He would sleep but only if he was being held. so DH and I took turns holding him all night. tonight he's passed out in his swing and Im thinking that is where he's going to sleep. DH is already asleep adn I should be too... I did put a towel under one end of the mattress in the bassinet to elevate it some so I may put him in there to see if he sleeps without it being totally flat. (he wouldnt sleep unless he was held slightly upright. but if that doesnt work we are going to use the swing for now. (DS1 spent the first couple of weeks sleeping in his bc it was the only place he would sleep. and mommy is tired . I think I got everything but I might have missed some things. BUT that's our story!

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Patience, congrats again on little Noah. He is SOOOO CUTE!!! Love that pic. Smile I think having endured what you did with the last round of breastfeeding, you made the decision that will work out best for you and Noah. Maybe you will be able to better enjoy these first few weeks this time. Oh, yeah, my first dd spent her first 3 months sleeping in her swing! It was GREAT for us. I definitely don't think Madelyn would sleep without a warm body next to her... but she sleeps great tucked in next to me.

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WTTW Noah! He is so cute! Sorry he wasn't cooperating with latching and whatnot, that is so frustrating. Hopefully you can get some rest with his mattress elevated or with him in his swing. I think whatever gets everyone sleep in the first few months is what is "best". Congrats again!

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Congrats a s wttw Noah. Ema sleeps in her bouncer swaddled in a halo. It's the only place she sleeps so far, soon ill try the bassinete again but for now I need the sleep. Do whatever works, that's what's best Smile

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It just confuses me bc he slept fine at the hospital in the little cradle/crib that was perfectly flat. It's ok though we have no problem letting him sleep in the swing! We have newborn photos on Wednesday and she wants him to be completely pooped and tired out.... I told her it wouldnt be an issue all he does is sleep! We are often having to wake him up so he will eat. Not that I am complaining about a good sleeping baby! I am just afraid that come Wednesday he will figure out how to be awake!

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Congratulations! He is a cutie, and I love his hair!