Nose bleeds.

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Nose bleeds.

Been having a lot of them. Just woke up with one at 5am. Ughhh. I just read its normal during pregnancy but it's wearing me out!

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Hope they stop for you though

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didnt have many with DS but i had them alot further along especially with the heat in the car

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JUst had a big one myself yesterday.. but I have a heater right at my desk. Try to add some moisture into the air you're breathing. A bowl of water.. some vasaline to coat the inside of your nose. It will help! Smile But totally normal.. and annoying. :annoyed:

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I had them TONS with DS... (like random ones) not so much this time. but my sinuses are getting bad and I've had about 3 total after noseblowing. This sinus crud needs to go Im so congested Its making me cough and then when I cough I gag. not good when working with kids!