NoT my month !

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NoT my month !

Ok guys so apparently my test was a dud and gave me a false positive ... :(((((( no AF yet but not pregnant ... I just wasnt feeling right so I took a different test today and no line at all ..... I didnt know you could get false positives ... anyway it was our first cycle even talking about trying soooooo off to the TTC world .. Going to try charting for the first time ever so just need AF to show so I can begin our journey ...

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So sorry! I wish you better luck next time.

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Aweeee, I'm so sorry to read this. *hugs*

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I'm sorry!! (((Hugs)))

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Oh no that sucks Sad so sorry

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Was it a blue dye test? Stay away from those! Anyway, good luck charting and learning about ttc and hope you get your positive soon!

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So sorry. Hugs xxx

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sorry to hear that, good luck next month!

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Sorry to hear that. Sad Better luck next month!

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I'm sorry! You seem to have a good outlook though, I know that had to be upsetting. I do hope it happens for real very soon. :bigarmhug:

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So sorry to hear this Sad