OB Appointment and Update

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OB Appointment and Update

cautiously relieved because they didn't see the SCH, but they still want me on modified bed rest until I see the high risk doctor.

Unfortunately, my boss hasn't gotten back to me so I don't know if he will let me work from home. I'm a nervous wreck being here.

Baby is well and measuring a few days ahead Smile

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Glad to see everything is going well. Hope you're able to work from home!

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What a great update!!! It must have been small then. Hoping that everything will be smooth sailing from here on out.

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Sounds like a great appointment considering all that is going on right now. Glad baby looked good and is even measuring ahead!!! Yay baby!

I hope you get some answers soon though. I can understand how antsy you're getting. I've been in bed for only 19 hours and it's getting old. Blum 3

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Glad to hear baby is well. Hope you get an answer soon from work!

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So glad to hear the good news! what beautiful pictures. I hope it was just a small one and resolved itself. on the Bed Rest note, i have now been in bed for 2 weeks and while it has its challenges, I have gotten a lot done! I hope your boss lets you work from home.