OB appointment yesterday.

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OB appointment yesterday.

We get to the office to check in and I'm told that my OB is in a delivery so they are going to try to get me in with the on call dr, or I'd have to wait for dr Goldman for an hour. We waited over an hr to find out that my OB would be another hour or more. The on call dr finally came in and he was really funny and had a whole different take on everything. He measured me smaller , still 3 weeks ahead instead of 7. He said my swelling is ok because my urine had no protein and my bp was fine, he said it would be much worse if I wasn't on bed rest. I gained weight... 5 lbs in 2 weeks ahhh.

Emalyn's heart beat was 150. He said that if she's still growing that they will not take her after 30 weeks! It's when she's distressed or stops growing they will take her. He also said that if I make it past the critical time and nothing horrible is happening I may be able to do more! He has had more cases of high risk pregnancies and had women in he hospital on bed rest longer than me. (17 weeks 2 days so far). He was also my nurses dr Nd she was in the hospital 15 weeks and his wide was on bed rest with all 4 of his kids. He seemed more relaxed than my OB too, just funny also.

In less than two weeks I see my OB and do my glucose these and he told me to be there 30 min early to drink the drink at the lab and then have my appt and draw it after. He said they have lemon lime, orange, and cola favors. He said they used to have grape but too many women were throwing it up.

Also, I was sooo swollen and sore all over from the wait, I had to soak in an Epsom salt bath to help. I'm not used to sitting with my legs down that long, my knees were killing me, I had surgery on one of them.

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Sorry about the long wait, that stinks! But sounds like a good appointment overall. Yay for getting to 27 wks!! Hopefully you will be able to go to less stringent bed rest as you get further along. Smile

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Congrats on making it another week! I'm glad the other doctor ended up being a good thing. Sometimes it's nice to get a different perspective. Keep hanging on, you are doing great!!!

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That sounds like a great appointment, and the fill in doc sounds like he is optimistic (oh how I like that over a doom and gloom doctor).

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Aww yay! I'm glad you had a good appt, minus the waiting time. It's always refreshing to see a new face with new ideas (and good ones at that!!). My glucose test was with fruit punch - they had orange as well but I HATE orange flavored stuff (except soda...lol). Good luck! (it's easier if it's cold!!)

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The part where women were throwing up the grape makes me laugh. Glad to hear things are looking well! Sorry about the sore legs, yikes!!

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Glad you over all had a good appointment. Sometimes it's nice to get a second opinion. And it happy he was able to see your anxiety a little. Smile

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That really is great to hear! I'm so glad she is doing well and it seems like the new doctor gave you such a great opinion of the situation as well.

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omg what a long wait but glad you got to see someone and everything is looking well. keep it up mama Smile