OB and US Updates

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OB and US Updates

So I had another US last week to check her size because I was measuring 2 weeks ahead. She is in the 60th percentile for size and my fluid is at a 20 :confused:, not sure about the unit of measure but she said it was on the high side but everything looked great! At my OB appt on Tues, baby kicked pretty hard when we were listening to the HB. It was pretty funny.

In other news, my shower is this Saturday! Looking forward to it!

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Awww, baby shower!!!!! So fun! I feel like so many of us are BTDT moms that we won't be having lots of showers on the board.

Glad all is measuring well!

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Sounds like a great appt! YAY for a shower! They are SO much fun! My mom said she'd throw me one but we're waiting for after baby comes to know the sex. My mom is famous for saying she'll do stuff and not following through so I shouldn't hold my breath I guess.

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Glad to hear she is looking good and you got to see her again Smile

Enjoy your shower!!

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Im glad she looks good, have fun at your shower! i loved mine with elora thats for sure.

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Glad you had a great appointment. Smile

Have fun at your showers. Post pics!

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Thanks ladies! There will be pictures for sure. My GF is bringing her super duper awesome camera to capture the memories.

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Glad you had a good appointment! Enjoy your shower! It's so much fun!

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Yay for a good appointment...I don't know much about the number either but from what I've read 20 is still in the normal range just on the high end if it. Everything sounds good with baby Smile

Hope you had a great time at your shower today. I'm excited to hear how it was and what all you got for baby.