Oh the humiliation! But every cloud has a silver lining...

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Oh the humiliation! But every cloud has a silver lining...

Well. There is no lower point in life than being told you are so full of poop that your poop is pushing on your vagina, which is partially blocked and doctor can't even check your cervix. I assure you that is as low as it gets.


Baby hid from the Doppler and we couldn't get a heartbeat at all. So I got an ultrasound!!!!

Firsy, definitely only one in there. Not having an early u/s this time, I was slightly freaked just because I never knew for sure.

baby is curled up in a tight ball by my left hip, way down low. That's why we couldn't find the HB. Stinker was hiding!!!!

and we got a very clear shot between the legs and as far as doctor and I can tell, it's clearly a girl!

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YAY for an u/s and another little girl!!!! Booooo for poop blocking your vagina! (I had no idea that could happen!)

Did you get pics? Did the poop get removed? Blum 3

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No pics since it was just the portable machine. She (!!!) looked perfect though.

Apparently if you are constipated enough, the wall of your vaguna can be compressed by how much is pushing behind it. Lovely thought, right???? Ugh. Lots of enemas and magnesium citrate in my future. Ugh.

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Wow! Yep, I definitely would have been embarrassed, but doctors have definitely seen it all, so I'm sure it didn't faze them one bit. That's great that you got an ultrasound. Congrats on your baby girl!! Smile I have a feeling she will be much more laid back then your first dd is. My sister and I are completely different. ALso, of my 4 girls, my oldest is the only one that is... well a constant stream of never ending energy and the constant need for stimulation.

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Yikes! I am so sorry you are having to deal with that. I hope it all clears up quickly and as painlessly as possible!! And YAY for getting a peak at baby!! Congrats on team PINK!!!

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Congratulations on your baby girl Smile

Sorry you're having this problem. I hope you get some relief soon and feel better. :bigarmhug:

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Congrats on your baby girl and I hope you get some relief soon. Glad you were able to get in there and figure it out Smile

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Sorry u feel so poopy. Lol couldn't help myself. Yay for your little girl! Go team pink!

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That is a cool silver lining!! COngrats!

So did they help you with the constipation? Mine was getting better when my doctor said I could up the colace to 3 times a day and I eat at least 3 fiber one bars + fruits all day long. (Hence the horrible gas, lol!)

I hope you get some relief soon. That is so miserable!

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I have to give myself Fleet Enemas until the worst if it clears up. I started last night and it was probably the worst hour of my life. I recall at one point begging for sweet, sweet death. I've been told by friends who have done it that the second day is a lot better. I sure hope so.

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First of all, congrats on your girl!! :woohoo:

Holy shinikies about the constipation. Let's hope today is a better day for you and far less painful!

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Earlier on, when I had first started on the Zofran, I was constipated so badly it hurt to walk. I never did an enema because my OB said no...but man when that first poopie hit after prunes/colace/apple juice/milk/ice cream/fiber one bars... I may have thought my insides were being torn out. (((HUGS))) It gets better!

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UGH for Enemas. Sad I hope you can start managing this with diet once the backlog is cleared up. Such a terrible thing to have to go through. Sad

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Two enemas later, I'm feeling like a human being again. I have to say this whole thing was more painful than either of my births. I was wishing for an epidural!!!

but it's over. Now I'm on a strict diet of apple juice and milkshakes, I think. I need to ask about a stool softener for awhile so I can heal! Ouch!!!

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If you stick to a fairly liquid diet for a while you'll give you bowels and chance to recover. I had a BRUTAL stomach flu thing when we were in Hawaii and after days and days of problems I had to just cut back to things like broth, juice, jello, etc to give my bowels a break. Then when I slowly added food back in, it was fine.