Oh my aching hip!

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Oh my aching hip!

Ugh! I have a terrible pain in my hip when I walk. It started a couple of weeks ago but I think it went away because it stopped being super noticeable. Today I went to the mall to do a bit of shopping and within 30 mins I was in so much pain! Sad It hurts every time I step! Does anyone else have this? I'm wondering if I should go to the Chiropractor or something. I can't take this until June!

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Sad I had bad hip pain with my last one from 20 weeks on. It was horrible. I hope it's not the same for you and resolves quickly. I never even thought of a chiropractor! May be worth a shot!

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I went to the Chiropractor when K was breech...not sure it would help here...but it SUCKS!

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Sometimes things like that just sort of "go away" after day or two. Anyway, if it doesn't then I would consider a chiro.

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Chiropractor for sure! Actually last pregnancy my massage therapist helped my hips a lot, so you might want to consider that too!

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I had this same issue last pregnancy, it got to the point i couldn't walk. The chiroprator will help! they can give you excercises to help ease the pain too. Hope it gets better!

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Eek! I've never been to a chiropractor so I don't know about much about how they can help. I've had terrible hip pain my last tri both pregnancies from sleeping on my side all the time and all that weight/pressure on them. Not looking forward to that. Hope you can find a way to fix yours...it's too early to suffer like that!

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I had terrible hip pain in my first pregnancy and didn't see the chiro. Finally started seeing one when the pain didn't go away after the birth. HUGE CHANGE. Second pregnancy I started going from the start and had almost no hip pain the entire time until the very last day (and what I thought was hip pain ended up being early labor but I didn't realize it!). It really, really helps!

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Ok, so now I'm wondering if my old referral to the Chiro is still good. Probably not because it was for a breech baby (tee hee!). So I guess I need a new referral. I wonder if my midwife can do that or just a doctor. I don't have a family doctor so I'd have to go to drop in (booooo!). My doctor retired. If I don't get a referral I'm not sure my extended health would cover it. Also, part of my master plan is to get massage therapy. My medical pays for some of that every year but I've never used it. I wonder if I could get a referral for that too.

Does anyone know if midwives can do referrals??? Hummm....