Oh my gosh, babies are a lot of work!!!

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Oh my gosh, babies are a lot of work!!!


i haven't had one in a long time and I think I forgot! My four month old nephew is here for the weekend and wow, he's a lot of work! He's a bit of a high maintenance baby so that's part of it but yikes. I didn't realize just how independent my kiddos are until this weekend. I'm having a slight panic attack right now. Eeeeeek!!!!

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At least your kiddos are independent and so you really dont have to worry about them too much when the baby comes! I dont think I could do it if DDwas any younger!

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My first two were 28 months apart. I couldn't have handled any closer than that. Tori was fairly helpful even at that age so I bet she will be a dream at eight years old!!!

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My first two were 18 months apart, then nearly 3 years, now 18 months apart again. It is a lot of work but you take it all in stride!

I am glad my two oldest are pretty self sufficient. My main worry will be keeping an 18 month old occupied. I only nursed my DS1 for 3 weeks because I couldn't handle nursing with an 18 month old crawling all over me too (plus he had latch issues and I got infected). I nursed DS2 for 9.5 months and would like to again this time, but I am worried about the constant attention both DS2 and DS3 will need from me! Thankfully my DD is a good helper at nearly 6 years old.

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I hear ya, my DD was fairly high maintenance as a baby but she is slowly becoming less work. It's really nice! I'm glad they will be over 3 years apart. I think she will be more helpful than had she been younger.

Sandra - my friend had her two fairly close and what she did was make a special little box of toys that the older child only got when she was nursing. Because it was taken away while baby wasn't nursing, it was pretty special to be given it. Might be worth a try! Biggrin

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My dd's will be 19 months apart if I go full term. I'm hoping I can nurse ok, never even thought about it. My sisters are 13 months apart, my mil's are 15 then 11 then 38 months apart. She said u just do it and don't think abat it...

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My first baby was as high maintenance as they come so my very easy second seemed like nothing to add on. I'm nervous about this one because I got so spoiled with my easy going DS1 (although he's a huge handful now so maybe a baby will seem easy in comparison lol).

I don't know if this is a shining parenting moment but I really started pushing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my DD in the few months before DS was born then the first few weeks she watched it a lot while I nursed. That way she could sit by me and not feel left out. Worked great with her but my DS wouldn't have been as easy to occupy had the roles been reversed. Hopefully my DD can keep my DS1 occupied while I BF DS2 this time. I like Heather's idea of special toys too!

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My first two were 20 months apart. It was hard, and even though they fight, they are close now. DS will be six and DD almost 4.5 when this one is born. I think they will be great helpers and I have a feeling this baby will be really spoiled!

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Ok, I feel better. I figured out what my nephew's big issue was and we won't have that problem! He's my sister's first baby. While his daddy works all day, he and mommy live in a very quiet house. Well, I had all my siblings, spouses and kids over for the whole weekend and Mr. Boss Man didn't like the noise. Every time someone laughed, he sobbed.

My kid is going to be so used to noise, she's not going to have any choice but to roll with it. So I'm less freaked out now.