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    Quote Originally Posted by Heatherbella View Post
    I agree with you 100% percent.

    Are you a vbac too or did you have a vaginal birth with the other two?

    Around here they 'recommend' induction at 41w3d but you can say no and delay it to 42 weeks. Can you do that there? The midwife told me that at 42 weeks with a normal (non-vbac birth) they will push induction HARD...but with me they will push repeat c-section.
    I brought it up and they weren't game...basically saying when I chose their practice I agreed to their dates, which I get...I think I am most frustrated that it is ending up on DS1's b-day.

    I had natural vaginal births with the other two. They were "helped" along by membrane sweeps but I was actually dilated, which I am not right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LissyT View Post
    I had natural vaginal births with the other two. They were "helped" along by membrane sweeps but I was actually dilated, which I am not right now.
    Have you had sweeps this time? Have you thought about any other 'home' induction methods like Evening Primrose, s-e-x, or even cod liver oil?

    I feel for you...I would be upset too if I were in your shoes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akpufa View Post
    I'm so ready for baby too although it has nothing to do with being miserable or anything, I actually feel great other than massive and sick of the 2 shirts that fit over my belly I'm just tired of being in limbo waiting and wondering and am ready for baby to be here
    This is pretty much how I feel too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Heatherbella View Post
    I'm a strong believer of babies picking their time to come. I didn't have that option with DD unfortunately because she was breech. I really hope this baby is given the choice as to when he/she is ready...but I really only have 3 weeks 1 day until I'm forced into a c-section.
    Me too... but I don't mind "helping them along" with a sweep, or dtd, or hiking... they have to be ready for any of those things to work anyway. At most it might get them here just a couple days earlier than "doing nothing."
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    *hugs* Heather. I really hope your little one decides to come on his/her own! FWIW, I've done EPO with this baby and DS1 without much luck as far as it helping ripen my cervix or anything...BUT I do think it helped me from tearing internally with DS1 because he basically flew out once he got dislodged from my hip w/the vacuum (he was majorly stuck). I tore a bit on the outside but it was more upwards and nothing where my episiotomy scar was from DD (woohoo!) which I guess is pretty common to happen. So hoping it at least helps with that again.

    Lissy: lots of labor vibes for you!! I hope you are able to get the birth you want!!

    Laurie: ITA - those things can work wonders IF your body is on the brink. Otherwise, they just make you grumpy and tired (as is always the case for me like doing yardwork for 7 hours this weekend!)
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