Older siblings - when are you making the bed transition

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Older siblings - when are you making the bed transition

We will be using DS's crib for the baby which he is currently in as a toddler bed (well, when he actually sleeps in there and not with us...it's a 2 am nightly thing and I'm too tired to take him back to his room)

Anyhow, he is getting a big bed that is in our spare room and I was wondering if anyone is in the same spot and when you were going to transition?

I don't need the nursery set up yet, but I want to give him plenty of time to adjust to his new bed as well.

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i actually moved him upstairs when he turned 4 i had been trying for 2 years and i didnt want him to associate losing his room with a siblling so i decided to tell him when he turns 4 he could move to 2nd floor because he was a big boy. and worked out great for us and then there's a room next to him and i told him when his sister gets big like him she'll move upstairs as well

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This time we are making no transitions. But when DD was born DS was 20 months, I am thinking that we moved him out of the crib about 3 months before she was born.

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When we had DS1, DD was still in the crib (she was 18 months old). We actually used the fact that I went overdue to our advantage - that's when we made the switch, the 10 days I was overdue! We had started her taking her nap in the "big girl bed" a few months previously. That is often a good place to start, with nap time.

DS2 will be 18 months when DS3 comes along. I don't actually plan on switching him out of the crib until new baby is maybe 5 months old. I don't have another bed for him, or even room to put one. Baby will be in our room, and eventually I will move DS2 to share a bed with his big brother, and DS3 can have the crib. Probably not until winter.

They usually say to make the switch at least a few months before baby is born so that the older sibling doesn't feel "kicked out" of their bed to make room for baby to join the family.

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That's another point. The baby will be in our room for the first few months at least. DH wants to do it now, but I want to wait at least a month or two more.

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I'm needing to move my 3.5 year old to her big bed AND new room, then move my 19 month old to the toddler bed she is currently in so I can have his crib. What a pain! We moved my DD to the toddler bed at 20 months when I was pg with my DS and it went fairly smoothly aside from that she'd fall asleep by the door for a few weeks. My DS is going to be a huge pain to give that kind of freedom to and if it doesn't go well, we'll just leave him in the crib until a couple of month AFTER the baby is born before trying again and let baby sleep in the bassinet/mini-crib in his room (it'll look silly but who cares?). My DD on the other hand is excited about her new room so I don't anticipate much of a problem from her. Anyway, we're aiming to start the process early next month.

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We don't have any transitions to make this time since Tori and Lucas are so much older.

But when Lucas was coming, Tori was using the crib as a toddler bed and we immediately moved her to a twin bed. We put the box spring and mattress directly on the floor because she was so little (about 20 months or so) and took the crib/toddler bed apart and put it in the attic so she would forget about it and never feel it was hers and we took it from her. We made a huge fuss over buying her new bedding and making her "big girl room". It went pretty smoothly. By the time we took the crib back out of the attic, she had forgotten all about it. I had read some stuff about jealousy and frustration of an older sibling over losing the crib so I made sure we did everything possible to avoid that. I was probably over-cautious. Smile

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That is actually my only concern as well, DS feeling like the baby is getting all this stuff.

I am making a big deal about his new bedding and he got to pick out sticky's for his walls. Maybe we'll do it when those come in.

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Yes, you need to make it really exciting and special for them! The decals and bedding will be fun for him.

My kids have never been in toddler beds, they just go straight to a twin bed....I'm kind of glad I skipped that middle step!

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Right now DS2 is still in the crib. By this point DS1 was already sleeping in it as a toddler bed b/c he had climbed out but have not had that yet with DS2. I haven't decided when to start but the plan is to convert DS2's crib to toddler bed so he gets used to that and when baby is like 4 to 6 months old then put the boys together with a bunk bed. DS2 will be almost 3 by that point, of course he'll be sleeping on the bottom.

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We got a great deal on a toddler bed months ago so we moved DD out of the convertible crib into that. No further changes will be required before the new baby arrives. We'll need to buy a new mattress for the baby, but that won't be for a while as he/she will be in a bassinet for a bit.

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No changes here except dd being in her own room and not in the living room by us, otherwise we have 4 cribs between me and my mil so we won't need to worry for a while lol, also she's not attached to a specific one bc of that.

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We actually made the transition on wed last week. We moved DS into DD room because it's the bigger room. we put her old convertible crib back together and he is sleeping in it as a toddler bed. I'm so glad we are doing it now because DS went from sleeping the night to waking up in the night just because he is not used to the new room yet and with a newborn that would've been rough!

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Talked to Hubby last night and we are going to make the change this weekend!

I'm really excited for DS!

(I am going to miss my spare room bed though)