Oliver is here! (Rachelle)

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Oliver is here! (Rachelle)

Oliver Clark. 3:36pm. 7lbs 15oz, 22". 96 minutes from water breaking to birth. One push. No epidural, woohoo! Just a little IV med that barely helped.

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Awe, precious! Congratulations Chelle and WTTW Oliver! Smile

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So cute, congratulations!

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What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

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:woohoo: Oh, I'm so happy he's here Rachelle!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All your body needed was a tiny bit of help getting going apparently! Congrats!!! WTTW cute little Oliver :binky:

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He's beautiful!!!!

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Congrats he is beautiful

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Congrats he's so handsome!!

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Congrats!! He is such a cutie!!