One last find for baby...

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One last find for baby...

So, I was just going to let the baby sleep in a little rock n play sleeper thing (since Aidan is still in the pack n play), but on a whim, I decided to check craigslist and see if I could find something where I could actually lay the baby down. Well, I found a portable crib for $10!! Smile I like it, because unlike the pack n play, it has wheels and fits through doorways. I can wheel it around to wherever I need it to be. I will pick it up this afternoon. It looks similar to this one... LA Baby Deluxe Holiday Metal Crib, White: Baby

Smile :-) Smile

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Great score! We have used those in hotels. The wheels are so handy. The are also easier to clean than a pack n' play! Nice work mama!

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That is an awesome score!!

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That is a great score! $10!!

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Wow, good score!

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Nice! That is exciting...glad you found such a great deal! Smile

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I have one of those and it is awesome. Way to go finding one for $10!

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Nice !

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love the great price!

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$10?! Major score!