One Month Update

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One Month Update

Once again.....I've been pretty MIA, both here and on Facebook. Life is keeping me busy!

I can't believe Ethan is 1 month old today. Where did the time go? Things are going pretty well, but we are dealing with major gas/tummy issues since last week. He is SO uncomfortable, and often spends the whole evening fussing and sometimes screaming. His little face gets SOOO mad! He's always had trouble burping, and now it is even worse all of a sudden. He's farting like crazy too and spends so long straining and grunting and trying to push the gas out. I am wondering if I am going to have to eliminate things from my diet. It's not really serious - he doesn't puke a lot, his stools are fine, but the bubbles in his tummy he has so much trouble with. I have never had a baby with a sensitive tummy before, so this is all new to me.

He is growing well though Smile The newborn size clothing fits him well now, but the 0-3 month stuff is still too big.

He doesn't really like to nap on his own for very long. Most of his naps are on me or wrapped to me. I would prefer that he could nap on his own but wearing him is so much easier when I have to be chasing a 19 month old around!

I haven't found myself with much computer time this week, since after my toddler goes to bed I spend the evening with a fussy gassy baby! I hope to get the Arrivals list updated soon with our final June babies!

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Happy One Month Ethan! Smile

Sorry to hear about the tummy issues. Sad Hope it passes quickly (pun intended ;)). I was wondering where you have been...thanks for the update. Smile

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Here's some ideas that you might not have tried.


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I'm sorry Ethan is just learning from emalyn, he must like her. Lol. I hope it works itself out soon. Ema takes a few tries to burp and lately loves to lay on her activity mat and kick and toot out of the harness. It seems to be working wonders. She also burps well swaddled (maybe bc of the pressure?). If nothing else helps I use colic calm for her gas. O and if I burp her till she has the hiccups it seems to release more gas.

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Ugh! Fussy babies suck! Sorry to hear you're going through this. We had our share of sad moments with DD when she had reflux...well, before she was diagnosed. It was so hard to watch her suffer. Sad

It's weird how quickly they are growing already. M is starting to get too tall for some of his newborn sleepers! He's 3 weeks tomorrow! Hard to believe I'm going to be selling off baby clothes soon! His x-sm cloth diapers still fit but they aren't absorbent enough for his massive pees so we have to put in extra absorbency!

I hope you don't have to modify your diet too much. How do you find out what it is that is affecting him? I guess a food diary would help.

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I could have written most of this post. Not on here very much, check. Gassy baby, check. Can't believe it's over a month? Check.

I eliminated cruciferous veggies and dairy as soon as he was born, but we've still been having some issues with gas/pooping. He'll want to sleep so bad, but has to wait until his poop comes out first, and he seems to be pushing a lot. And gets so much milk he sometimes gags - and will get mad that I make sure to burp him before I let him back on. However, his big sis is still nursing and I naturally make a ton of milk. Milk showers are fun. I get spit up on a lot. He loves to drink.

Anyways, Matan does sleep down great however since I let him sleep on his tummy. He can get the gas out that way. Perhaps you could let him nap on his tummy a bit and see if it helps? They just push their bums up in the air and are good to go. If they are on their backs, they can't get anything out and it's miserable.

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Fussy babies are hard! Sad You definitely might want to consider changing your diet. I wish I had with my first! Also, maybe a chiropractor... one that specializes in "whole family wellness." The book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" really helped me with my fussy baby.