Ortho appointment

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Ortho appointment

Ema got her first real cast on today. We had X-rays first to see how it is doing so far and the knee is still in socket but the hip isn't. She will go in next Friday for this cast to be removed and she will most likely go into a pavlik harness if her knee is looking like it will handle it well. The hardest part besides hearing her cry in X-ray was they had me hold her knee in place while they were preparing the cast. I know she wasn't in pain just didn't like me not letting her straighten her Keene. I forgot to ask all my questions because I was so overwhelmed. I may call tomorrow after I write them down. I really can't find much information on congenital knee displacement and want to know her prognosis.

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Sad It's so hard to hear them cry!

Our thoughts are with you and precious Em!

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Hugs. So sorry it was hard on you. It's never nice to see them in pain. I bet her new little cast is SO cute. You'll have to keep it. Biggrin

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She is in my prayers.
Did they give a pretty cast color?
I know that the sooner they catch the hip issues the better the chances are for that, I imagine that the knee issues are the same.

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((hugs)) Sorry you are overwhelmed...of course, it's totally normal, so hard to see our little ones go through difficulty and not knowing the outcome at this stage. Sad Hope you feel better when you can get your thoughts together and get some information/questions answered. Prayers for you and Em.

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Poor baby and Mommy! Sad Hopefully it'll all be worth it down the road. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery for little Em!

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Awe... :bighug:

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You're doing great and I agree that it is good they are taking care of it while she is so little. I think its a good idea to call back with your questions. Being there is overwhelming in general and I can't imagine having the ability to calmly go down your list of questions while you are doing everything else.

KUP and I'll be thinking of you two.