OT- 3.5 and not using the bathroom (TMI poop warning)

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OT- 3.5 and not using the bathroom (TMI poop warning)

Ok, so DS has been great at the potty for the past 6 months +. Barely ever an accident except for the occasional "I got distracted playing and peed".

The last 4 days he has pooped on the floor each day. The first two I understood, he had diareahea and he tried so hard to make it there. I felt bad for him, he even tried to clean it up himself (so sweet, yet gross at the same time, lol!)

But, yesterday he was running around naked and pooped under the kitchen table. He said "it just came out mommy", but he wasn't trying to make it to the bathroom either.

Then this morning he came downstairs without his pullup on, which isn't unusual. If he pees in it over night he is pretty good at taking it off himself and throwing it away. He's laying in bed with us and I'm asking him where is 'night-night' diaper is and he says I peed and pooped. So of course the poop part I inquired about.
"Did you poop in your diaper?"

"no mommy, on the stairs"

"why didn't you use the potty?"

"It just came out on its own"

Yep, there was poop on the stairs and he ran to show me where he left it.

Not sure if this is something I need to worry about or just a fluke that will go away. I can tell you I am very tired of picking up poop. I feel like we have a puppy and not a little boy running around.

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My DS1 had a turn around like that about 7-8 months after he was fully potty trained too. About a month ago he just started pooping in his pants EVERY DAY. He hadn't had poop accidents in MONTHS and then he just started doing it again. Thankfully it was just a phase and only lasted a week or 2. He is doing pretty well again. I think sometimes until they are at least 5-6 years old they can have little setbacks. Could also be related to the new baby coming too. Even though he may not be deliberately trying to get more of your attention, kids can do weird things like that when change is coming.

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I haven't dealt with this actual situation personally [thank goodness], but with different things at this age (my DD is about the same age - born Aug 2009) I think often times it is them trying to have control over something even if it doesn't make any sense which could definitely be related to all the changes going on with the baby coming and/or you being pregnant. If that's the case, sometimes giving himm "power" over the situation in a positive way like he get a sticker or a small treat or something when he poops in the potty or doesn't have any accidents that day. But like Sandra said, it could just be a phase too. Either way, I wouldn't make a huge deal out of it other than just simply telling him that pooping on the stairs (or wherever) isn't okay and we need to use the potty. If you make too big of a deal out of it, they feel power over the situation even if it's negative. It's tough though for sure! Another idea is you could role play with him if he'd relate that way (my DD totally would but I know it isn't for all kids)...so like find a favorite stuffed animal or something and you can be the animal and he can be it's Dad or whatever and have it poop on the stairs and ask what he'd say to his animal. Again, that isn't for all kids - some relate well to acting it out as the "adult", some can't look past the stuffed animal being just that.

Hope that helps. Trying to dig deep in my brain for my childhood development education for random situations like this but preggo brain likes to block a lot of that info Wink

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I'm definitely being easy with him. Just nicely explaining that we poop in the potty. He does get it.

I think it might be a phase too. Just no pooping on the floor when baby comes, lol!