OT: Kate Middleton

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OT: Kate Middleton

Ok, so I know this is her first baby and she is super skinny, but this girl is due around the same time as me and I look like I'm having quads in comparison or my baby ate the eqizalent of her baby, lol!

Kate Middleton's Mulberry Coat Shows Off Growing Baby Bump During Scouts Visit (PHOTOS)

PS - love, love her style Wink

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Oh, I know, she's so tiny. I have a friend like that - even with her second baby she looked maybe 4 months pregnant and she was due any day.

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I saw that earlier.. I was wondering if she is really due soon HAHA. She's so cute.

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She IS tiny, but that coat sort of hides things I think. Also, isn't she a month or two behind us?

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They said she is due early July. That puts her around 28-29 weeks

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Wow, watch she will pop more soon and it'll look right

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I agree. She will pop soon. But right now I'm totally jealous of how tiny she is cause Im so round and uncomfortable!

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apparently her mom's pregnancies were like that too. I had a teacher in high school that wore her regular jeans and had no bump until 36 weeks and then she would explode (no other words for it) - one day nothing and then next she looked ready to pop. She taught me during her 3rd and 4th pregnancies and was like that for both.

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She's due pretty close to me and my bump only appeared about ten days ago so it'll happen soon. I could completely hide that I was pregnant until 27 weeks. O. The flip side, baby is normal size and he has to go somewhere so until my belly popped out, he was sitting on my spine and it was terribly uncomfortable. I'd have rather had a belly!